Turn-key greenhouse

A greenhouse is a major investment that must be constructed with proper care. Our turnkey project, ready for use, means that the customer is relieved from all concerns and is given clarity concerning the overall cost from the very beginning. So no financial surprises later. In a turnkey project, we assumes responsibility for the design, construction, the technical installations and all associated matters up to and including the project’s handover.

New greenhouse

Through specialization and perfect logistics we can construct high quality greenhouses all over the world at competitive prices. The quality is already evident at the proposal stage and in the design phase. Nothing is left to chance. The result is professional and comprehensive advice, which is then translated into a clear and explicit proposal.

Used Greenhouse

Used greenhouses are an attractive alternative in terms of price. Given the quality and lifespan of current greenhouse materials, a greenhouse constructed with used greenhouse materials is often an excellent choice. Following the dismantling of a greenhouse, all the greenhouse materials are thoroughly inspected before they qualify for reuse.

Solar greenhouse

Greenhouses and the associated working areas generally have large roof areas. A roof area with solar panels provides an additional function, enabling a company to produce sustainable energy with limited adjustments and significant energy cost savings.


The greenhouse construction is designed to the needs of your crop. Steel, aluminum and glass optimized to strength and highest light transmissions. We offer options for (semi) closed greenhouses and various glass types for the best growing conditions.